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Anonymous Asked: "I love this blog !"


Oh, thank you so much! <3

littlehalfa-deactivated20121113 Asked: "I have seen some posts of dpfanproblems, but tumblr doesnt exsists. where can I find all of its posts ? please, help !!!!"


It’s possible that they deleted. Unfortunately, I don’t know where they went or where to find their posts! Sorry about that! Maybe you can look at the notes and see who reblogged them, maybe there’s more posts that you can reblog from other sources!

Happy Hunting!

damirahman Asked: "how did you get so popular?"


A lot of people love Danny Phantom!(:

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Vlad: Well that certainly was fast. My, don&#8217;t you look fancy!Valerie: Got a few upgrades.

Vlad: Well that certainly was fast. My, don’t you look fancy!
Valerie: Got a few upgrades.

"Ohhh Maddie! You are so brilliant! Yes, let&#8217;s call on Daddy&#8217;s little helper!"

"Ohhh Maddie! You are so brilliant! Yes, let’s call on Daddy’s little helper!"

Anonymous Asked: "Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy"


What about it? Would you like a gif of anything special?

Anonymous Asked: "do you have pic from Phantom Planet?"


Yes, I can make one. Is there anything specific you want from that?

dat-shittt-krayyy Asked: "i love this blog you dont know how happy i was when i found this!! <333"


Thank you! That means so much!

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